Clitoral Stimulator


Rise and shine, baby – ROMP Shine is here to brighten your day. It’s an easy-to-use clitoral stimulator, featuring the unique Pleasure Air™ Technology. This stimulates the clitoris with subtle changes in air pressure and 10 intensity levels – and helps you explore new orgasmic pleasure.
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Switch to a new level of pleasure: ROMP Switch is our Pleasure Air™ clitoral stimulator with six intensity levels. Battery powered and body-safe, ROMP Switch is simple yet leaves an impression. Turn yourself on with ROMP Switch…
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Enjoy adventures wherever and whenever. ROMP Free is a travel-sized clitoral stimulator – featuring the unique Pleasure Air™ Technology. Stimulate the clitoris with subtle changes in air pressure and 10 intensity levels – all while experiencing pleasure unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Hit the road without a care, because you can take ROMP Free anywhere you want to go – thanks to the hygienic travel case.
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Shine, Switch, Free – three clitoral stimulators for ROMP

It’s a fact that the majority of women need clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm. Classic sex toys, however, are mostly geared towards vaginal stimulation. Clitoral stimulators are different and for most women virtually guarantee an orgasm. With Shine, Switch, and Free, ROMP has three models on offer that will take you to new heights.

The female orgasm

There are millions of reasons why you should learn everything about the female orgasm. The female climax is a small miracle. It can not only provide deep sexual pleasure, but it can also relieve headaches, menstrual cramps and even sleep disorders! And to be completely honest, classic penetration will hardly catapult the female body into another orgasmic Most women need – surprise! – a hand, a toy or mouth, to stimulate the clitoris so that woman can come.

The benefits of clitoral stimulation

The clitoris is located in the vulva, i.e. the outer pubic area of the woman, and is thus clearly visible. By stimulating this super sensitive organ, including the highly erogenous zone around it, many women can reach orgasm more easily. This is exactly where clitoral stimulators come into play. Thanks to the patented Pleasure Air ™ Technology, the clitoris is stimulated without contact. Gentle air vibrations ensure intense orgasms while avoiding overexcitement or a habituation effect. Coming can be so easy!

Buy clitoral stimulators online at low prices with ROMP

Three toys, three times pure ecstasy! Equipped with Pleasure Air ™ Technology and various intensity modes, the clitoral stimulators from ROMP open a completely new world of pleasure.

ROMP Shine

This toy awakens your inner radiance. ROMP Shine is super easy to use and will get you out of your mind in no time. Pleasure Air ™ Technology and 10 intensity levels pamper your clitoris and take you on a journey of discovery of your own individual pleasure.

ROMP Switch

You thought you knew every type of orgasms? ROMP Switch shows you that there are sensations that you have not even dreamed of. It’s time to switch up solo sex! 6 intensity levels and Pleasure Air ™ Technology completely redesign your me-time. ROMP Switch is made of skin-friendly silicone and is battery operated. Trying new things can be so easy.


Freedom is our greatest asset – so of course, is the freedom to live out your own sexuality. ROMP Free helps add some spice to your personal pampering program. Equipped with a practical cover, this clitoral stimulator is the perfect travel buddy. Just put it in your pocket and treat yourself to a new sensation no matter where you are.